Craft recruitment has a data problem

If you are a construction recruiter or hiring manager you know all too well the challenges recruiting craft labor today. Finding qualified workers is nearly impossible, scheduling interviews is hit-or-miss, candidates are hard to assess and even the best workers require a labor-intensive process and are slow to hire. 

I first encountered our nation’s skilled labor crisis as a general contractor back in 2019. My team was struggling to scale a W2 workforce of carpenters and general laborers and found we were operating in the dark each day without data on a candidate’s skills, experience, pay expectations, career motivations and more.

How can recruiters source great craft talent easily if no database of craft workers exists? How do you search for the exact craft workers you need if that information hasn’t been systematically gathered and structured? And how do you effortlessly engage with qualified candidates if you’re in an office and they’re at work in the field? 

The simple answer is you can’t, and this is why we built Skillit – the world’s first intelligent craft labor recruiting tool. 

Helping recruiters and hiring managers shine

Skillit offers construction companies access to a fast-growing network of the nation’s best craft workers and a suite of hiring tools designed specifically to make craft recruitment radically faster, easier and smarter.

For craft recruiters and hiring managers this means streamlining your day, adding leverage to your craft recruitment process and having the power to make an extraordinary impact on the future of your organization.


Skillit Worker Listings

Construction recruiters and hiring managers use Skillit to effortlessly browse for workers that meet their company’s exact hiring requirements.


Frictionless access to qualified workers

Gone are the days of needing to spend hours drafting role descriptions, scouring job boards or attending job fairs. Skillit has done the hard work of sourcing, screening, onboarding and categorizing the nation’s craft workers. Just search for candidates using your exact hiring criteria and qualified candidates appear in your dashboard where you can see everything relevant about them at a glance.


Paul Denson Skillit Profile

Confidently engage with accurate, reliable and comprehensive digital representations of every craft worker.


Rich, accurate profiles

Learning about a worker on a personal level, understanding their pay expectations, career motivations and past employment has never been easier. With unparalleled real-time insight into each candidate’s experience, skill, location and salary expectations, Skillit profiles offer recruiters and hiring managers the most comprehensive 360-degree view of craft workers ever imagined. You can even see each candidate’s exact skill level calibrated right down to the subject-matter level thanks to Skillit’s proprietary craft skills assessments.


Recruiter On Phone With Craft Worker via Skillit

Confidently engage with accurate, reliable and comprehensive digital representations of every craft worker.


Powerful craft interview tools and insights

We understand that connecting with a worker quickly can be tough, especially given they’re often in the field or on the road. That’s why Skillit has designed a suite of tools that take into account the unique user experience needs of craft recruiters and workers. 

Skillit makes it possible to connect with workers at a time and choosing of everyone’s preference via SMS, email or voice. So no more failed calls, unanswered emails or hours spent scheduling interviews, with Skillit just tap a button and interviews with your favorite candidates are auto-scheduled at a time and format of everyone’s choosing.  

Skillit even makes it possible to know how much to offer a candidate, the probability they will accept and deep insights into what motivates them. Is it English as a Second Language or skills training? A short commute or career growth? Job security or the opportunity for overtime? Skillit puts you in control.

Skillit is used by the best (and for good reason)


Customer Results

Today, Skillit’s customers include some of the nation’s biggest contractors and most advanced builders. From Top ENR commercial contractors to tech-enabled modular contractors, the nation’s best builders are adopting Skillit to solve their core strategic, business and project goals. Our customers typically see significant improvements to their hiring outcomes within the first 3 months of adopting Skillit, in particular:

  • 5X more qualified candidates
  • 4X more interviews attended
  • 2X acceptance rate
  • 3X faster time-to-hire
  • 2X better retention

Skillit has you covered

Skillit’s supply of craft labor is growing quickly across much of the U.S. with an emphasis on Carpenters, Concrete Workers, Electricians, HVAC Technicians, General Laborers, Heavy Equipment Operators, Pipelayers, Pipefitters, Solar Installers, Superintendents and Welders. We have several new trades coming online each quarter.

Simple, Affordable, Transparent Pricing 

Skillit understands that as a quality builder you likely have a significant project backlog and pipeline ahead of you. That pipeline creates the need for a labor solution that can offer security and convenience long into the future. That’s why we’ve turned the craft recruiting business model on its head, offering you access to all of the features of our platform for a simple, predictable monthly subscription per region per role.

No more paying for applicants you don’t hire,  “success fees” for workers that up and leave a few weeks later or RPOs that charge an arm and a leg for access to the same pool of workers on rotation. One single fee to hire bundles of the trades you need in the regions you operate. 

You can enjoy all Skillit features and receive unlimited seats for a 3-month trial. You can cancel at any time and pay monthly, or you can save by subscribing annually. 

Begin your transition to data-driven craft recruitment

If you are a fast-growing construction company looking for an easier, faster and smarter craft labor recruiting solution, reach out today to talk to myself or a member of our team.

– Fraser

About Skillit

Skillit is on a mission to be America’s best matchmaker of craft labor and employers. Our vision is to make skilled labor one of the greatest assets on earth.

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