Ambition. We all aspire to live the American Dream, but in construction, worker ambitions and career aspirations have long gone unfulfilled.

In this episode of #FraserFromtheField, former GC, carpenter and Skillit founder Fraser Patterson talks about why Ambition is a core value at Skillit:

It’s not always clear in construction where your ambition can take you, right? There’s tend not to be clearly defined career paths, or at least there haven’t been historically. And this means that a worker can end up wasting a lot of time spinning their wheels at one company without really getting anywhere.

One of the results is high turnover.

But the industry has really ambitious people – the people who built and continue to build America. They want more. And there hasn’t been enough done to help them advance their careers and lay out a clear path they should follow, much less support along their journey. The professional development and support programs common in other industries have been severely lacking in ours.

So we really do owe skilled construction workers our most serious effort at making their ambitions a reality.