Big contractor or small? As a worker, which do you prefer? Our CEO Fraser Patterson shares his experience doing both and some of the benefits that size offers.

I’ve worked at I’ve had my own company, I’ve been an independent contractor, a carpenter, and I’ve also worked for larger established contractors. I was a high rise steel worker, actually, for one, and I’ve been a carpenter for one too.

The larger companies offer a job security. They offer benefits that are really quite comprehensive. And so you can you can feel safe and secure knowing that your basic needs are taken care of.

And a lot of what we hear at Skillit is “I’m really looking for a home. I want to be somewhere for the next few years. I want to be in an environment where there’s camaraderie and people are investing in one another. And I can really focus on my craft and improve and advance my career.”

And obviously, that’s just much easier to do at these larger, more established, you know, kind of top ENR contractors. I can’t emphasize how difficult it is to go it alone and try and actually run a small construction business when you’re just being pulled in all these directions, but predominantly you’re out in the field. And so those things that you’re trying to do, the marketing, the sales, customer support, recruitment, etc., they’re harder to do from the field.