Semiconductor manufacturing is more important than ever for skilled American craft workers. If you’re in Phoenix, you probably know this well.

The US has fallen way behind in the manufacture of microchips, but the recent passage of the $52B CHIPS Act is giving US manufacturing (and by association, American construction) a boost. Semiconductor plants are large, complex, specialized commercial builds that require a massive workforce of skilled craft labor, sometimes with security clearances owing to the sensitive nature of these facilities.

One of the many projects already underway is Taiwan Semiconductor’s new $12B fab near Phoenix, Arizona. 1,129 acres near I-17 and Loop 303 were bought by the company in Dec 2020, and structural construction of the facility is almost complete. And this could be just the beginning – the company may build as many as SIX new plants at the site.


Best of all, top ENR contractor JE Dunn is recruiting Carpenters, Laborers and Foremen in the Phoenix area on now!

Taiwan Semiconductor's new $12B fab near Phoenix, Arizona

Taiwan Semiconductor’s new $12B fab near Phoenix