New Funding to Fuel Growth

Today, I’m excited to announce that Skillit has raised $8.5M in additional funding co-led by Rafi Syed of Bow Capital and Zach...
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The Dynamic Growth and Impact of Spartanburg, SC Construction

The construction industry in Spartanburg, South Carolina is experiencing a period of dynamic growth, leaving a lasting...
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Skillit: The world’s first intelligent craft labor recruiting tool

Craft recruitment has a data problem If you are a construction recruiter or hiring manager you know...
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Top 5 Reasons Skilled Workers Reject Job Offers

We all know that it is incredibly difficult to find, hire and retain skilled craft workers in...
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Job Opportunities in Denver, Colorado: Urgent Need for Solar Electricians

Are you interested in pursuing a career as a Solar Electrician in Denver, Colorado? With the increasing...
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Austin, Texas In Need of Skilled Construction Workers: How to Apply

Austin, Texas is a vibrant and fast-growing city and is experiencing a surge in construction projects. The...
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