What’s New?

We’ve been hard at work improving the worker sourcing experience on Skillit. Based largely on your feedback, we’re excited to announce a sneak preview of enhanced worker search and sorting that should make it even easier to find the talent that you need. 

Today we’re launching Skillit’s new worker search on a limited basis for select Skillit customers. We think it will simplify your sourcing process and get you connected with ideal workers much faster.

Here are just four of the enhancements we’ve made:

1. Smart Worker Search

Our smart worker search and sorting uses advanced algorithms to find your ideal workers based on proximity, skills, certifications, and more. Our user-friendly filters give you quick access to matching candidates. Streamline your candidate search with Skillit.

Smart Worker Search

2. Sort Workers by Proximity and Commute Distance

It’s easier than ever to find workers closest to your projects OR willing to commute to your sites. Our new interface supports worker sorting by proximity and flags commutes outside your desired range, all of which will help you find the right workers at the right times. 

Proximity 2.2


3. Location-Centric Search

Our new search feature enables you to filter workers willing to commute to your location with some flexibility. We understand that every project is unique so Skillit will now better adapt to your specific needs.

Location-Centric Search

4. Streamlined Worker Results

We’ve simplified the results interface to make scanning worker profiles easier. Now you can get a clear snapshot of the worker before diving into their information-rich profile.



If you’re trying Skillit’s new worker search but prefer the classic version you can easily switch back and forth. Just click the toggle at the top of your dashboard to go back to Skillit’s previous search and sorting. 

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