Skillit on The Chad & Cheese Podcast

🎙️ Our Founder and CEO faced the Firing Squad on The Chad & Cheese Podcast! Skillit is...
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So You Wanna be a Pipelayer?

A pipelayer quite literally lays pipes, primarily for infrastructure such as water, gas, sewage, and oil transport...
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What Are Entry Level Construction Jobs?

The construction industry offers many career opportunities, and entry-level positions are a gateway into this field. These...
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New Funding to Fuel Growth

Today, I’m excited to announce that Skillit has raised $8.5M in additional funding co-led by Rafi Syed of Bow Capital and Zach...
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Skillit: The world’s first intelligent craft labor recruiting tool

Craft recruitment has a data problem If you are a construction recruiter or hiring manager you know...
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Craft Intel Bulletin: Leave You for a Buck? Think Again.

There are a meaningful number of workers who desire less pay than they currently receive. Since you’re...
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