Transforming Miami’s Landscape with a $4 Billion Megamall

Miami continues to grow, spending $4 billion on a massive megamall project called American Dream Miami. 


American Dream Miami Water Park Rendering

Project Overview:

Location: Miami Lakes, Florida

Value: $4 billion

Schedule: Late 2021 to Early 2026

Developer: Triple Five Group


Remember the feeling of going to the mall when you were a kid? Now, imagine a mall that’s not just for shopping but a place for all-out fun. This giant project will cover a whopping 6.2 million square feet and have tons of cool stuff to do. There’s indoor skiing, submarine rides, sea lion shows, a huge waterpark, mini-golf and more. Plus, it’s got 2,000 hotel rooms, over a million square feet of stores and awesome performance halls

When completed, American Dream Miami will be the biggest mall in North America and the sixth biggest globally.

Behind the project is The Triple Five Group, known for owning some of the biggest malls in North America like the Mall of America and the American Dream Meadowlands.

American Dream Miami Water Park Rendering

Let’s take a quick look back. This project was first called “American World” in 2015 but was later changed to American Dream Miami to match the American Dream opened in New Jersey. Triple Five wanted to finish by 2020 but encountered some problems including talk of potential environmental harm, and traffic/congestion. Environmental concerns were raised partly due to the project’s location on the city’s western outskirts in the general vicinity of the Everglades.

American Dream Miami Skiing Rendering

But in May 2018, Triple Five got permission to build – without using any taxpayer money. COVID-19 obviously slowed plans, but the developer is now aiming for a 2026 opening and for the completion of the Florida Turnpike extension.

As Miami keeps growing and changing,  American Dream Miami is yet another new chapter in the city’s story.

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